Where we add value

Product Training

We’ve developed a system that efficiently manages product provider’s product training needs. Good-bye to admin, allowing more time to focus on what’s truly important – managing your business.


Free for brokers

Brokers can join for free, allowing single access to all participating providers training courses. They manage their own staff access and can monitor skill levels to determine where additional training is needed.


Time to market

We believe in simplicity. If you do too, you’ll be up and running in days and your compliance department will love you.
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Online acquisition and claims

We have developed underwriting quote engines and claim forms (mobile ready) which can be whitelabeled to extend your businesses’ reach and reduce administration costs significantly.


Survey management

Battling to actively manage surveys? Losing business as a result? We have an online survey management system to manage workflows and survey formats. Import your survey data and mine it with your claims data to get valuable insights.
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Geo-spatial analysis

Give us your data and we can assist in identifying unknown accumulations across books of business as well as giving insights into area specific rating and underwriting decisions.

Reporting & Regulation

We assist with setting up and streamlining reporting, whether it be for management information or meeting regulatory requirements. From daily push notifications to regulatory reporting, we’ve done it.


Pricing & Client segmentation

Is it a science or an art? It’s both and you need it to improve profitability.



Need help in setting up and managing your reserving process but don’t have the hands? Contact us!



It’s important, but between renewals, quarterly accounts and facultative placements you feel like you need a department. We can help.